T4200 2-channel laboratory instrument

High precision bench instrument 

The ATP 4200 is designed for precise temperature measurements as demanded in labratory use and quality assurance (ISO 9000, etc.). The conversion of the resistance measuring value into a temperature measuring value is practised by use of calibration tables in the measuring device depending on the different probe specifications. It is not necessary that the user enters the calibration datas after each exchange of the probe using the keyboard built-in the measuring device. As the calibration datas of several probes can be stored in the measuring device, in a lot of cases it will be sufficient to relate the corresponding calibration datas to that channel to which a new probe had been connected. If the calibration datas of a newly connected prove are not yet stored in the measuring device, the user can draw up the calibration datas easily on a PC by use of a software included in the scope of supply. The complete drawing up and maintenance of the calibration tables is done on the PC. If required new calibration datas can be loaded from the PC into ATP 4200 by use of this PC-software.

Product features

  • uncertainty ±0,005°C
  • resolution: 0,001°C
  • range: -200°C up to +962°C
  • excellent long-term stability
  • 2 channels (up to 81 with MUX)
  • display of both measuring channels
  • measuring current only about 0,5 mA for lowest heating-up of sensor
  • fast measuring: up to 10/sec
  • serial interface as standard
  • 4-conductor-technology, Lemp-plugs
  • highly interference-proof
  • comfortable input and highest safety of sensor data
  • controllable from your PC



Afmetingen en Andere waarden
Technical data The following specifications are only valid for a nominal operating voltage and a environmental temperature of 23°C.
Measuring range -200°C up to 962°C (according to ITS-90) -200°C up to 850°C (according to DIN EN60751)
Resolution 1 mK
Measuring uncertainty 10 mK (optionally 5 mK in the range of -50°C up to 250°C)
Measuring channels 2 (optionally up to 81 with external multiplexers)
Sensors Pt-100 (optionally Pt-25) in a four-conductor-technology
Connectors Lemo 1S, quadripolar, in front panel
Measuring current about 0,5 mA switched DC (about 1 mA for Pt-25)
Measuring time about 1 sec. per channel, about 0,1 sec. per channel with reduced resolution
Long-term stability ≤ 5 mK / year
Temperature coeff. ≤ 1 mK / °C
Display LCD, LED backlight, 2 lines ¨¤ 16 characters, 9 mm height
Units °C, °F, K, ohm
Interface RS-232, isolated
Operation menu orientated, alternatively controllable by your PC
Memory 128 KB (optionally 512 KB)
Suppy 230 V, 50 Hz / 115 V, 60 Hz about 15 VA
Size 260 x 80 x 240 (width x height x depth in mm)
Weight about 2,5 kg