Portable calibration bath DCB 50, +30°C...+225°C

Portable calibration bath with temperature range of +30°C up to +225°C which offers an immersion depth of 190mm and a diameter of 60mm. Because of an adjustable, magnet stirrer and PID-temperature controller, DCB-bathes are the ideal instruments for high accurate calibrations up to a stability of + - 0,05°C
  • PID Temperature-Controller
  • Keyboard selection of set point alert, security and menu
  • Adjustable magnetic stirrer
  • High temperature stability up to + - 0,05°C
  • Lower temperature unformity of + - 0,03°C
  • Integrated PT100 for reference temperature measurements




Afmetingen en Andere waarden
Temperature range +30°C...+225°C
Stability + - 0,05°C
Unformity 0,03°C
Resolution 0,1°C
Well diameter 60mm
Immersion depth 190mm
Well capacity 0,7 liter
Warm-up time +25°C up to 220°C: 42 minutes
Cooling time +220°C down to +100°C: 35 minutes
Housing and assembly Desktop /portable
Dimensions 280 x 280 x 400mm
Weight 11,4 kg
Power supply 110...230V 50/60Hz
Ord.No. 5030-0150