PH 5 Food Tester Kit

Measurement set for measurements of pH, and temperature, especially for food.Set inclusive buffor solutions pH4, pH 7, conductivity solution and batteries

Product features

  • Automatic calibration function with stability indication
  • Insertion probe (suitable for harder foods)
  • IP 67 waterproofed
  • Replaceable sensor
  • Battery indicator
  • Multi-color backlight for status indication of measurement mode, calibration and alarm



Afmetingen en Andere waarden
Measurements parameters pH, Temperature and mV
Measuring range pH                         -2..16Temperatur            0...50°C mV                         + - 1000  
Accuracy pH                         + - 0,01Temperatur            + - 0,2°C
Resolution pH                           0,01 Temperatur             0,1 mV                          0,1
Working temperature 0°C...+50°C
Dimensions 40 x 220mm
Weight 110 g
Power supply 2x 1,5 Volt AAA batteries