IR-camera Seek Thermal CompactPRO FF for Apple iPhone and iPad

With this infrared camera it`s possible to find hot- or cold spots very fast. The particular advantage is the short response time (1 second) and the large image section without touch the object. Ideal for measurement of rotary or electrical parts.

Usable for all popular Apple-instruments, with true thermal sensor and thermal resolution of 320 x 240 (76.800 pixels), app for free download to use the camera, no additional batteries necessary, direct connection via lightning plug, incl. Housing for protection after use.





Afmetingen en Andere waarden
Thermal resolution 320 x 240 / 76.800 Pixel
Temperature range -40°C..330°C
Distance measuring range 0,3 m - 550m
Frame rate < 15 Hz
Spectral response 7,2 - 13 µm
Field of view 32° x 25° FoV
Dimensions 44 x 25 x 20mm
Weight 59 g