Flash III Infrared thermometer

For contact-free measuring of surface temperature. Ideal for DIY. With laser sighting. MAX-MIN-HOLD-LOCK-function. °C/°F-switchable



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Measuring range -33°C...+250°C
Accuracy +-2°C or 2%
Repeatability +-1,0°C or 1%
Display resolution 0,1°C
Response time Appr. 500 ms
Working temperature 0...50°C
Storage temperature -20...50°C
Emissivity 0.01..1.00 adjustable
Distance: Spot size 3 : 1
Power supply 2 x battery cell CR2032
Housing Plastic
Dimensions 139 x 235 x 28 mm
Weight 110 g
Features C°/F°- switchable MaxMin-memory Automatic Hold Lock-mode for continues measurements with Laser adjustable Emissivity
Product profile Flash III is very simple to use: To measure a temperature point unit at object, pull the trigger and read the measuring value from the display. The Mini-Flash is used for easy and quick measurements on surfaces.