CSEC 1 Temperature calibrator

Universally applicable and portable Blockcalibrator for immersion-and insertion probes (e.g. Pt 100, Thermocouples)

Product features

  • 7 standard probe holes (1x 2mm, 3x 3,5 mm, 1x 5,5mm, 1x 6,2 mm, 1x 8,5mm)
  • Wide temperature range +30°C...200°C
  • Easy handling
  • 230 VAC power supply



Afmetingen en Andere waarden
Technical data
Range +30°C up to 200°C
Resolution 0,1°C
Stability Better than +- 0,03°C
Accuracy +- 0,2°C
Working temperature 0°C...+40°C
Display LED
Power supply 230 VAC
Dimensions 196 x 174 x 179mm
Weight 3 kg